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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Too Soon

So yeah the topic around the water cooler at work is about the Cowboys, it has to be right ?  First place in their division and Thanksgiving has come and gone.  What else would we be talking about ? Christmas ? Travel plans ? Politics ? Nope, just the important stuff. 

Pay attention and see if the fullback Chapas that got brought up from the practice squad makes a difference in the run game this week.  When Fiammetta went out the stats went down for DeMarco Murray.  The tight end Phillips is a good blocker BUT, it only makes sense that a guy who has spent his whole life running through holes and making blocks would be better at it than a guy who has spent his football playing life making blocks only while trying to get himself open to catch a pass.  The size issue also has to be a part of it. 

Playoffs ?? You’re talking Playoffs ?? ( cue Jim Mora)

Too soon to start penciling in all the different scenarios for me.  My rule of thumb is if I need a computer to figure out who MIGHT play who if Team A beats Team C and Team D loses to Team G then its TOO SOON.  Some people love doing that stuff and that’s okay, more power to them.  As for me I will wait until there are just a couple different possibilities THEN I will start over-worrying about those.

For now I only have enough energy to worry about beating the pesky Cardinals.  I know they have a horrible record.  I know there will be tons of Cowboys fans at the game in Arizona.

I also know that any team can beat any team so I have to hope that Jason Garrett makes sure his team is ready to play.  It might help if a couple of the injured players get to come back.

I also feel a need to post it here that the Cowboys SHOULD NOT PUNT THE BALL TO PATRICK PETERSON.  In case Jerry and Jason read this blog now they will have NO EXCUSE if they do.  On a more serious note I worry about Mat McBriar and his nerve problem in his leg.  I hope that works out for him and not just to benefit the Good Guys. 

The Heroes of Our Youth have put themselves in a good position, now they have to finish the job and keep winning ! later Poke

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