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Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Waiting

I haven’t given up on the Good Guys.  Don’t take my lack of ranting this year to give you that idea.  I really am just waiting to see what identity this years team is going to create.

I don’t care about style points so the win yesterday is just that. A win. Move on, get ready for the next game.  A big game.  At home.  Against the New York football Giants.  Those guys.

So our Heroes are 3-3.  This is one of those games where you find out if you can take that next step towards being a contender.  It won’t be easy, it seems like there are never any easy games anymore as a Cowboys fan.

My plan is to be at the game.  See in person how our guys react to the tough time that I fully expect the Gints to give us.  Watch how the pass rush of the Giants tests the o-line, see how Lil Eli works on our defensive secondary.  This is when you start to figure out if you have a good team or not.  The trick is staying in the hunt until Thanksgiving and then making a push for the playoffs.

So I sit and think about ranting and raving and moaning and cussing but I try to bite my tongue and just wait. 

A more mature blogger.  That’s my goal.  Well that and a Super Bowl trophy for the Cowboys .

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Big Bro' said...

I'm waiting along with you.