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Friday, September 07, 2012

A Different Approach

Hello buckaroos !  Welcome Back My Friends to The Blog That Never Ends !  It’s been a long 8 months or so since we last saw Our Heroes play a meaningful game of football.  There are some who would say it’s been much longer than that even , but hey, no reason to start the new season off being snarky.

Usually by now I would have filled the blogwaves with tons of reasons why I thought this years Good Guys would be much better than last years Good Guys.  Taking a new approach this year.  I decided to let them play at least one real game before I started making up my mind about what kind of team they might be.

To be honest, after the first few series I was pretty much thinking that the only thing different was gonna be the new Nike jerseys they were wearing.

The O-line looked pretty much the same, even with different people wearing the Blue and Silver.  Penalties, missed blocks, no push up front all reminded me of the group that inspired my last blog of the year.

I didn’t start feeling too good until Romo threw an interception.  WHAT ????? 

I was encouraged by the hustle of Tyron Smith getting downfield to make a horse collar tackle.  Stopping a touchdown was worth the penalty.

I was very encouraged by the goal line stand by the defense. Very.

I don’t say that lightly either fellow followers of the Blue Star.  I refuse to anoint Coach Ryan as a guru until this team shows me it can win a game with a 10, 11 or 12 point lead in the fourth quarter. They got one of those with Wednesday nights game so I can’t help but to be excited.

Offensively our biggest worry all year is going to be the big uglies up front.  If they can keep people off Romo long enough he will hurt some other teams.  If they can make any kind of blocks on people Murray is going to make them pay.  I still have high hopes for Felix.  Our recievers looked great.  Ogletree is going to benefit from teams watching Dez and Miles and Jason so closely.  Now he just needs to do his part when they call on him just like he did against the Giants.

Since I am not in midseason form my fingers are tired from all this typing so I am going to cut it short and not go into a lengthy explanation of why I am satisfied with the special teams.  Nor will I go into X’s and O’s about the failed 4th and 1 attempt with probably our worst running back ( who happens to be a great blocker).

Nope, just gonna stop here and enjoy the fact that the Heroes of My Youth are 1-0 and the Giants…aren’t.  Stay tuned though because I think it could be a very fun year !

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mikey said...

I'm worried about the health of the O-line, too, but we've also got two receivers with a history of injures. Could be bad if one of them goes down for an extended period.

Big Bro' said...